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Enjoy the Luck of the Irish at The Black & Tan

With many distinct tasting beers on tap, a menu with Irish, English, and American pub fare, and a family atmosphere, The Black & Tan is the place where Irish and not come together for a great time and a great meal. Located in Augusta, ME, we are the only Irish pub in central Maine, serving up menu items that you can’t find anywhere else. As a family-run restaurant, our goal is to make sure each of our customers has a great meal and a great time. We even have a three-season porch for those who enjoy dining outside. Our friendly, courteous staff looks forward to serving you and your family and friends!

About Us


The Black & Tan has been serving you since 2016, after Chris and Stacey Shaw purchased the building, created a kitchen, and finished remodeling. They both have an Irish background and are proud to honor their heritage and share it with their customers every day!

We have won several awards from Market Surveys of America, including Best Irish Pub and Best Martini Bar in the area for two years in a row, as well as Best Bar/Lounge in the area this year.

The Origins of
the Black & Tan


Guinness Stout is the quintessential Irish beer. One thing made with Guinness that is not Irish is the Black and Tan. Unless you have been living under a rock, a Black and Tan is a beer cocktail made with half Guinness and half Bass Ale, where the Guinness floats on top of the Bass. This simple drink can be seen as a metaphor for many things Irish and English; they don’t mix. Although associated with St. Patrick’s Day in the US as one of its two ingredients is Guinness, do not order a Black and Tan in Ireland. Black and Tans is the nickname given to the British paramilitary force, largely made up of English WWI veterans, formed to suppress the Irish Independence movement in 1920 and 1921. The Black and Tans employed brutal tactics in an attempt to suppress the Irish Republican Army’s guerrilla war, massacring civilians and burning Irish towns. They were called the “Black and Tans” due to their khaki military trousers and darker police uniform shirts. As a result of their mistreatment of the Irish people, Black and Tan is a pejorative term in Ireland and calling someone a Black and Tan is an insult. Ordering a Black and Tan in a pub in Ireland with an American accent might not be taken as an insult, but would certainly be considered quite culturally ignorant. To bring it back home, ordering a Black and Tan in today’s Ireland would be like ordering a Red Coat in early 19th century America. Order a Half and Half instead. Similar to a Black and Tan, it is half Guinness Stout and half Harp Lager, making it all Irish.

Stop in today for a refreshing pint and a meal with true Irish flair! For more information about our menu or to order takeout, give us a call today at 207-213-6218. Or, fill out the form and we will be in touch soon!

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